Every Kid Healthy Week

Next week is Every Kid Healthy Week and we are celebrating Dover’s commitment to wellness initiatives and inspiring new ideas to promote healthy eating, physical activity, and social emotional health. Healthy in body and mind means better learning, better relationships, and better habits. As a building we want to come together everyday to review how we can practice healthy choices in schools and encourage healthy choices at home. Each day will have a specific focus and you will see it on the Dover Daily. We will be having few activities throughout the week ( water bottle Wednesday, Thoughtful Thursday with a complement table etc). 

We are asking for our faculty to show their support and try to wear the follow the colors of the day. We will be having a segment on Dover Daily during 1st period as well. 

Mindful Monday- Wear Purple

Tasty Tuesday- Wear Green

Water Wednesday- Wear Blue

Thoughtful Thursday- Wear Yellow

Fitness Friday- Wear Red

If you are interested in more information, please use this link for the organizations info: HealthyWeek